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My name is Brenda Ann Jordan. I am running for Duval County Public School Board District 5 Seat. As a lifelong partner of DCPS, I have seen drastic changes that requires immediate actions of new innovativeness and creativity to bring the district 5 schools and communities into a big, better, bright, and bolder future for students. 

My platform entails creative ways in thinking beyond the classroom, getting stakeholders, businesses beyond Jacksonville, Florida to help our school district as well as communities.  I hear you'll wanting the change, someone to give you chance, and believe in your visions. Surely, it can happen because there is a plethora of hidden treasures and resources that lies throughout the depths of students and people of DCPS district 5.

I believe we can make a positive difference in turning District 5 school and communities in one of the best place to live in Jacksonville, Florida. You know that famous quote reversed "Is what is down must come up." I am that candidate in turning complex situations into brighter outcomes. 

Make the change by selecting Brenda Ann Jordan who believes in you, DCPS district 5  (44) schools , students, parents, and communities.  


Brenda Ann Jordan, DCPS School Board District 5 Candidate  

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