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My name is Deborah Morten.  I am an exceptional student paraprofessional who works in Brenda Ann Jordan's classroom at Palm Avenue Exceptional Student Center.  I was a fish out of water when I began working with her in December, but she encouraged me and never let me down. I am endorsing Brenda Ann Jordan for the following reasons:

        She has been a Duval County Public School teacher for over nineteen years and is very dedicated to each of her students' educational and developmental needs.

        She sees the need for improvement in the way of budgeting and resources, which will enable her to make a more proficient use of funds.

        I love her teaching methods in the classroom – it's so awesome and inspiring to watch her in action!  She relates to the students using an eclectic assortment of demonstrations, facial expressions, gestures, and speaking very descriptively at their level, whatever it takes to get the students to understand the lesson.

        She is all about doing what's right and following proper protocol.  I completely trust her to give me the correct information or instruction to succeed at my job everyday.

        She genuinely wants to make a positive change for our district five students, which in turn, will benefit all Duval County Public School students.


Of course, there are so many more reasons why I am endorsing her, but I wanted to keep this short and sweet.  You can reach out to Brenda Ann Jordan anytime with any questions that you may have – she is a very busy lady, but will always take the time with you.  Get to know this dynamic, energetic, fun, smart, and caring woman!  Also, if you would like to help Brenda, please consider volunteering your time, skills, and/or monetary support so that she can take that district five seat and start working for you and, most importantly, the students.